Trust me, I’m a Dietitian


There is a lot of skepticism when it comes to nutrition and who is actually giving you the right advice for your body. I totally get it – it’s your health. It’s a big deal. What I never imagined when I became a dietitian was that my integrity, advice, and education would get questioned as much as it has.

One of the best lines I ever saw came from David Katz; I quote “In our culture, anyone who has ever lost weight, cooked or eaten has the necessary credentials to establish a new church of nutrition”. Can I get an AMEN? For those of you who aren’t aware of a dietitian’s education – we do a minimum of 5 years education, including a 4 year degree and 1 year internship. Then, we write a board exam and commit to annual continuing education to keep our license. Several of us also go on to do our Master’s degree. I promise, we learn more than just how to read the food guide. We’re legit.

I understand from an average Joe’s perspective how nutrition can be really confusing. The internet is full of (mis)information, and a daily article stating what the new fad, research finding or diet is. Not to mention the number of people who claim themselves as ‘Nutritionists’. When my colleagues and I (often) discuss this, we usually end up with one simple question—how can anyone learn everything there is to know about the body in 1 year or less? I have no intention to put other nutrition professionals down, but I’ve learned in the last 15 combined years of nutrition education and experience I have that I still don’t know everything. Nutrition is a constantly evolving science. Everyone should be able to access nutrition information and trust that the advice they are receiving is credible, backed by science and up to date. No questions asked.

We don’t question a pilot’s knowledge when flying a plane, or what an astrophysicist knows about space. The same should apply for dietitian’s. As I’ve admitted, we don’t know everything, but we know a lot. All I ask is that you trust we know our sh*t when it comes to nutrition. And I pledge to you, with everything I believe in, that I will give you the best up-to-date, evidence-based information that you deserve.

Mic drop.

In Good Health,

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