My Food Philosophy

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It has taken me years to get to a point where I feel comfortable expressing what food means to me. Just like most people in this world, I’ve been through my diet attempts, my insecurities and my wish list of what could change. Although things don’t change over night, I can honestly say I have gotten to a place where I simply feel comfortable. I don’t stress about every bite of food that goes into my mouth, I don’t count calories, the words ‘butter’ or ‘full fat’ do not scare me, and most importantly, I have no guilt associated with food. I love food, love ALL food!

So how would I define my diet? Well let’s see—in the past I’ve been a vegetarian, a flexitarian, a vegan, eaten no red meat, had low gluten, avoided soy, only had non-fat products with no sugar and artificial sweeteners (this list is not exhaustive). So today, I choose to leave definitions outside of the door. If I were to try and give it my best shot I would say I’m a carnivore (eating local and ethically raised meat when possible), vegetable grower, tofu/lentil/bean fan, natural and whole foods enthusiast, dairy lover, and locavore.  Oh, and yes, sometimes I do end up with a bag of potato chips or sour candies in my hand. At the end of the day we’re all human first.

Now you may wonder how I got from being where I was with my diet, to the balanced and comfortable place that I am at today. The evolution of my food philosophy is largely related to mindfulness. Mindful eating has taught me to have a good understanding of where my food comes from, to be aware of how food makes me feel (during and after I eat it), has encouraged me to enjoy and indulge in every bite—from the smell and taste to the texture—and most importantly has retrained me to know when I am hungry and when I am full. Following these simple principles has been liberating and has allowed me to release the days of measuring portion sizes, scales, calorie counting, diet restrictions and guilt. And frankly, I say good riddance to that!

In Good Health,
Raman Khatar

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