Life Lessons Part 3: Body Image

PhotoGrid_1494558964401We all have unconscious bias. We may not know we’re judging people based on how they look but sometimes we do. Whether it’s race, religion, gender, or body image; we can make decisions on how we feel about someone without being aware that we are. Part of it is society’s fault. They train us on what is considered attractive, and for some reason, we let it feed our minds.

I can say from personal experience as a young woman, and many other women (and men) I know that most days (or hours) don’t go by without thinking about body image. It can be all-consuming, and we have to make an effort to not let it capitalize our lives.

I have friends that are a size 0 that wish they had more; I have friends that are a size 12 and wish they had less. The truth is (as cliché as it sounds) – the grass is not greener on the other side, it is green where you water it. So nourish yourself, embrace your body, and focus on living a healthy life. Eat well, read books, go for drinks with friends, move, sleep, stress less, and just be your awesome (best) self. There is so much going on this world – imagine if we put our energy towards bigger and more important issues rather than focusing on our own, and others, body shape.  Just imagine…

So what do you do when you notice that someone has lost weight? Instead of asking them about their weight loss, try asking them one of these three things:

1)      What fun activities have you been up to lately?

2)      How have you been doing?

3)      What’s new and exciting in life?

Chances are they will bring up some of the behaviours they have adopted that led to their weight loss. Maybe they are cooking more; maybe they joined a dance class. Focus on embracing the healthy activities they are engaging in. Remember, weight loss isn’t behaviour – it’s a result.

I recently watched a documentary titled ‘Embrace’, which I highly recommend to every woman. I’ll leave you with a line I absolutely loved from the film: “You can make the negative contagious or the positive contagious”.

Choose wisely.

In Good Health,


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